Monday, September 26, 2011

Justifying Intellectual Property

Recebi o livro novo do Robert Melgues hoje. Achei ótimo o primeiro parágrafo: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) law today is like one of those sprawling, chaotic megacities of the developing world—Mexico City, maybe, or Shanghai. Construction cranes are everywhere. The old city center—the ancient core of the field—is today surrounded by new buildings, new neighborhoods, knots of urban growth, budding in every direction, far off into the distance. As a longtime resident, an old-timer who for a good number of years now has walked the streets and taken in the scenes, I find myself with decidedly mixed feelings about all this. I marvel at the bold, new energy unleashed in the old burgh, and I am not a little pleased at the prosperity it has brought. But I also feel a distinct sense of unease. The helter-skelter of new growth, proliferating at times with no regard for the classic lines and feel of the old city, brings a slight case of vertigo—a feeling of being lost amid the familiar. It's an exciting time, to be sure; but a confusing time too. Empatia total.

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